Secret World Legends gets a June Release date

Funcom’s horror inspired MMO, The Secret World, will be getting an interesting reboot in June as the game will move from a buy-to-play MMO to a free-to-play “Shared-World Role-Playing-Game” as The Secret World Legends.

The new version presents an overhaul on the game’s mechanics with a revamped combat system, a new progression system, updated visuals and much more. It will also allow players to explore the conspiracy-themed story of the MMO in a single player mode or allow players to team up with friends to take down bigger monsters, and hang out in a central hub to purchase new items and form parties.

In The Secret World, myths and legends have come to life and it’s up to the players who join one of three factions to find out why and put a stop to the dangers that are being caused by it. Funcom has stated that this new version of the game will allow them to deliver several years of planned content that was originally planned for the MMO and add as a proper continuation for the game.

The Secret World Legends launches for PC on June 26th.