Quake Champions holds a Large Scale Tech Test starting May 12th

Bethesda has announced that they’ll be opening the Quake Champions Beta to everyone for a Large Scale Tech Test between May 12th and May 21st, giving everyone a chance to try the latest version of the classic arena shooter before the game’s unannounced release.

To previously gain access to the Beta, players would have to visit the game’s official website and register for a code. While players will not have to do that during the Tech Test time, they will require the beta code in order to continue playing after the 21st.

During the test, Bethesda has confirmed that there will be new content released including a new 4v4 game mode called Sacrifice, which will require players to “form their teams and choose their Champions to work together to dominate the Arenas in this fresh competitive play style.”

Quake Champions is currently a PC exclusive title, but will be free-to-play with a premium option when it is released.