Reported Destiny 2 release date leak and Poster image

Posted by Italian site

Well we knew it was coming, and I know a lot of hate is thrown at Destiny for it’s initial release but this is an exciting piece of info.

The image above is a supposed leaked photo of a poster for the Bungie/Activision’s MMO FPS fusion Destiny 2. Rumours have been circulating for quite sometime in regards to the release date as we all knew that this announcement was coming. As reported above it looks to be the release date is Sept 8th in Europe, so an earlier release for North America could be a thing to look for.

Destiny was a love or hate relationship for fans when it first arrived but as the game matured with new content and patches to tweak the game play it was slowly but surely crafted in an engaging MMO and a universe I found myself lost in with massive amounts of lore (if you read the grimoire!). I for one could not be more excited for what’s to come.

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