No More Heroes 3 officially announced

Nintendo had a lot of cool titles to show off during their Indie Showcase today, however one of the biggest was the latest title from Suda51 and Grasshopper Manufacture which returns a beloved assassin back to the Nintendo console. That’s right – Travis Touchdown is back in a Switch Exclusive!

Titled “Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes”, the game takes place seven years after the original and sees Travis Touchdown sucked into a “phantom game console,” where he will have to fight through 6 other games and defeat their bosses in order to escape. Suda51 has confirmed that the game is collaborating with other well-known indie developers so we may see all sorts of insane possibilities with this new title.

This leaves speculation that one of the levels may be related to Hotline Miami in some way or form. In the trailer (above) Travis is seen playing the game, plus there was the surprise appearance of Suda during the Devolver Digital E3 Showcase where he was wearing Jacket’s… jacket.

While we don’t have much more information on the game at this time, Nintendo or Suda51 has not confirmed a concrete release date, we can expect to see the game launching exclusively for the Switch sometime in 2018.