Until Dawn prequel – The Inpatient gets a release date.

I still believe that Supermassive’s Until Dawn is a hidden gem on the PS4, it was a great horror game with plenty of replay-value. Now we get to expand on the horror experienced on those mountains in Supermassive’s new Playstation VR prequel, The Inpatient.

Set 60 years before the events of Until Dawn, players will take control of a patient with amnesia who have been brought into the Blackwood Sanatorium (one of the key locations in Until Dawn). “Over the course of the game you’ll meet a variety of interesting patients and staff, each with their own motivations and agendas,” reads a line from the game’s description. “How you react to these characters and the choices you make will have profound and dramatic consequences for how the story unfolds.”

Supermassive has stated that you won’t need to have completed Until Dawn to enjoy the prequel. Back in June when the project was first announced, the company had said: “It’s an entirely standalone title with a brand new story and cast of characters to meet.”

To help with the immersion of the game, NPCs will react if you speak out loud or make noises while playing the game, and you’ll be able to see your character’s entire body if you look down. We can think of a few reasons why Supermassive may included this feature and frankly it scares the crap out of us.

We’ll see how much that it scares us when the game launches for PSVR on November 21st.