Iron Maiden releases free browser minigame


With the impending release of Iron Maiden’s 16th studio album ‘The Book of Souls’; the band has also opened up a promotional [original] Donkey Kong inspired 8-bit game.   You play as Eddie, the Iron Maiden mascot as you climb a building while a thug of sorts tosses objects like flaming TV sets at you, attempting to rescue a pretty woman (who looks a bit like Jessica Rabbit).  Eddie can pick up items that spawn to toss back at the boss or use as defense if something is about to hit him.  The style is a bit reminiscent of 80’s metal culture  while keeping a classic 8-bit arcade look – while listening to a synthesized version of the band’s recent single ” The Speed of Light”.     As such with old arcades, you only get one life to play, and death means starting again from the beginning.

Give it a try here,

Also, if you’re a fan of the band, you can also buy the music here.


The Speed of Light’s music video is just as great, showcasing an evolution of gaming graphics while absolutely peppering it with Maiden references.

Up the Irons!