Final Fantasy XV confirmed for 2016


Square-Enix’s game director Hajime Tabata has in fact confirmed that the latest installment if the core Final Fantasy games will be released next year.  This comes after speculation based on teasing comment he made about the game a few weeks prior at the Gamescom convention in Europe.   There wasn’t much more to offer in terms of exact dates but it was mentioned that we would get that information in March of 2016.

Tabata also revealed more about the ‘in progress’ updates the game was currently undergoing.  This included camera, AI features for monsters and party members, graphical enhancements (such as more realistic fire animation) and general user interface.

Speaking of the camera, it was also shown off as a tool for the driving aspect of the game, giving you different views while driving; and also showing off that you can [as Noctis] be the driver or passenger at will.  Tabata also warned that fuel was also something to be watched for, as running out meant going on foot to find more gas.

Final Fantasy XV will see a simultaneous global release on the PS4 and Xbox One – and we are SO pumped for it!