America’s Army: Proving Grounds is coming to PS4

The America’s Army video game series has always been favourite amongst tactical shooter fans, after all the game serves as part promotional tool for the Army and training device to teach communication skills and teamwork. The latest version of the game, America’s Army: Proving Grounds, has been available on PC since entering Open Beta in 2013,¬†according to the developers (the U.S. Army) the game has seen up to 1.3 million user accounts created.

After a long time away from Consoles, the series will finally come to PS4 as a free to play title later this summer. America’s Army: Proving Grounds will feature small squad action with 8v8 matches, with heavy focus on realism using real military gear and gives the player the ability to perform medical aid to stop themselves from bleeding out and heal your squad.

No solid release date has been given for the title yet however it’ll be interesting to see how the title will conform to console controls or how the console crowd will react to the title.