Zero Time Dilemma coming to Steam, launches this June

The third title in Spike Chunsoft’s Zero Escape visual novels, titled Zero Time Dilemma, has finally been given a release date of June 28th for 3DS and Vita, with a PC release via Steam following later in the year.

This would mark the first of the Zero Escape series to come to PC, however PC Ports for the prior games, “999: Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors” and “Virtue’s Last Reward” are not currently planned.

Zero Time Dilemma is taking a different approach compared to the previous entries with a more Cinematic mode of storytelling by having fully animated cutscenes compared to the text-driven scenes of the prior games.

Publisher Aksys games have stated that the game will feature much of the same style of gameplay that fans of the series have come to know, and that the story will wrap up all the secrets of the Mysterious Death Game.

A new trailer was also released at GDC earlier this week showing off the English voice cast and some of the more twisted events of the upcoming game.