Yo-Kai Watch anime to premiere on Disney XD

Level-5’s 3DS title Yo-Kai Watch will be hitting North America later this fall, and while some of you may not have heard of the title, the game is a huge hit in Japan, with DVD’s, Comics, Toys based on the series. Now Disney is looking to make the series big here as well, releasing the dubbed version of the Anime to Disney XD next month.

The anime, which follows Nathan Adams as he attempts to capture ghosts and goblins using his watch, after capturing them he will be able to summon them at will. It’s a storyline similar to that of Pokemon and the game plays very close to Nintendo’s kid-friendly RPG.

The show will premiere on Disney XD starting on October 5th. Hasbro is also already working with Dentsu Entertainment and TV Tokyo to produce toys for the show, which will see a western release next year.

Yo-Kai Watch’s North American debut is currently set for a holiday release, while Japan will be getting the third entry in the series sometime next year.