Yakuza 0 E3 Trailer brings you to a violent 1980’s Japan

I’ve been a fan of the Yakuza titles since the first entry to the series, and the over-the-top Beat’em up series has improved with every title. The new trailer for the upcoming Yakuza 0 shows that that tradition will keep up, with what fans are calling the Vice City of the Yakuza series.

Set in 1980’s Japan, players will take on the role of Series mainstay Kiryu Kazuma and for the first time in the series, Goro “Mad Dog” Majima, as we look at the past and see how it will shape up these two badass characters future in the series.

On top of taking on gang-members, street thugs, loan sharks and other groups of people with various martial art skills and street weapons, you’ll also be able to hold dance competitions, play pool, Darts, go bowling, run a hostess club and much more.

Yakuza 0 has already been released in Japan for both PS4 and PS3 since early last year. When it does get shipped to North America, it will be an exclusive for the PS4. At least a 2 year wait is better than the 3 year wait for 2012’s Yakuza 5, which was released late last year in North America, we can hope that the upcoming Yakuza 6 and the original remake makes it over on a shorter time.