XCOM 2 officially announced with a November release

For the past week, 2K had been teasing something called “Advent” with a teaser website that had a countdown for today, the site itself featured some sort of future government propaganda that as the date got closer was getting hacked by an unknown group. The countdown finished to reveal that the teaser was for a sequel to 2012’s highly praised turn-based strategy, XCOM.

XCOM 2 will take place 20 years after the events of XCOM: Enemy Unknown, which shows a future the invading Aliens have taken over Earth and installed a new government called Advent, the XCOM teams are now working as a Guerrilla force still attempting to protect humanity.

Firaxis is back at the helm for the sequel and the game is currently set for a November 2015 release exclusively for PC, with a Mac and Linux port to come later. A new CG trailer was released showing off some of the new genetic creatures you’re squad will be fighting, as well as new weapons including swords, more efficient laser weapons and drones.