XCOM 2 coming to Consoles September 6th

When 2K and Firaxis announced that XCOM 2 (the highly anticipated sequel to the franchise reboot:Enemy Unknown and it’s expansion Enemy Within) last year, the game made waves by announcing that the game was going to be PC exclusive. This of course made Console Players (much like myself) go crazy, filling social media comments section and forums with requests for console versions.

Well it worked!

Firaxis announced today that on September 6 2016 in North America and Sept. 9 internationally, console players will finally continue the war as a group of guerrilla soldiers against the aliens in XCOM 2 for both PS4 and Xbox One.

XCOM 2 was released to stellar reviews on PC, despite some glitches. The game takes place some time after Enemy Unknown, where the humans have lost the war against the alien threat (if you played the original then you understand how this could have happened.) Now with the aliens ruling the world, XCOM has turned into an underground guerrilla force bent on freeing humanity.