X-COM 2 dev surprised by Mario + Rabbids

I think we all can activily admit that Nintendo/Ubisoft’s Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle was one of the biggest surprises of E3. When we originally heard the rumours of the title, many of us dismissed it for sounding… well… stupid. But when Ubisoft brought it out at the start of their conference, we were instant fans of the game for the fact that it was so different from a Mario game and blended in the mechanics of another of our favourite series, X-COM.

Although we have to wonder, what does the development team behind X-COM think of the use of their mechanics?

X-COM 2’s creative director Jake Solomon was just as surprised as all of us and kind of fell into the same feeling. “It was really cool to see,” Solomon said during an interview at E3 with Game Informer. “I started getting all these tweets, and so I went and watched the gameplay video of it. At one point they say something like, ‘And at this point Luigi has entered half cover,’ and I was like, ‘What world am I in?’”

Solomon also was quick to give credit to Julian Gollop, the co-creator of the X-COM franchise. “I feel honored to be curating [these mechanics] for the audience,” Solomon said. “I just went to lunch with Julian and I think that to me it’s cool. And if they do something great, I’ll steal it … anything good you do. … It’s not a zero sum game. Especially not in the genre that I design in. The rising tide and all that. I think that there’s an underserved audience. It’s going to generate more fans and it’s going to come up with new ideas.”

“If I had know we could have done that, I would have pitched that to Nintendo a long time ago,” Solomon said with a laugh.

You can check out the full interview with Game Informer in the video below.