Witcher 3 DLC may bring back a familiar face.


CD Projekt Red had recently updated their Steam Page for their mega-hit RPG, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, which delivers new promotional art for the upcoming DLC expansions.  While the first expansion just depicts a hillside castle, it’s the Heart of Stone expansion that has Witcher fans exicted, as it depicts a girl with short-red-hair that appears to be Shani from Witcher 1.

While CD Projekt Red have been very quiet about the DLC, they have confirmed that the artwork is genuine. As for the indenity of the red-haired woman, “we’ll leave that for the community to figure out,” community manager Marcin Momot said.

The Heart of Stone DLC is set for an October release, in which Geralt will take on a quest from “mysterious Man of Glass.” The DLC is said to be about 10 hours long. The Heart of Stone DLC is due for Quarter 1 of 2016, so we can expect it before the end of March.