Who Do You Do With Cthulhu To Do? – Cthulhu Saves The World


Cthulhu Saves The World is a tough one to judge. I would classify this game a pixel based Retro Role-playing Game. Picture the oldies like Final Fantasy 1, but add Cthulhu into the game as a fallen God trying to get back to the power he once had, and you get this game. Zeboyd Games released this one back in July of 2011, and since it has garnered amazing reviews from players on Steam (where you can purchase it for 3.29$). I am a bit in the middle, so why don’t we see why.

The whole meaning of the game is to bring Cthulhu back from the fallen lord of power that he has become, and get him back into the power game. You need to find your fallen grace, take back your kingdom, and battle a tonne of monsters along the way. You do actually get a sidekick on your team, and eventually more members too, taking your turn based battle into the world of pain we all know and love.


Your goal? To become a hero, and take back your power from the sorcerer who knocked it out of you in the first place. So essentially, you need to become a hero in order to inevitably destroy the world. Oh yes, become a good guy to be the true bad guy.

Add to that the perfect mixture of graphics and music for any 8-bit game, as it really brings you back to the wonderful games we all grew up playing, while also making a slight mockery of them. It is definitely a parody game, with a lot of little chuckles and giggles from the game itself.


All in all it is a fun game, it adds a good fun part to the Cthulhu mythos, and it was worth putting some time into. In order to beat the game, you are most likely putting eight to ten hours into this game, so it is worth the money that you are buying it for.

Honestly, it is a bit of a grind game, and one that will punish you if you make too many moves before you are supposed to. You go a bit farther than you should have, and the monsters will kill you in a turn. There is a more dynamic battle system, as each time you start a new round of battle, it adds another 20% to the attack of the enemies. So if the simple fight lasts three or four turns, your are now getting pounded instead of hit slightly.

It punishes you for taking too much time to heal or figure out tactics other than straight up fighting! Still though, Cthulhu killing everything with laughs. Go have fun!


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