What Were They Thinking? – Wrestlemania 11

The beginning of our March to Wrestlemania!

One of (if not the worst) Wrestlemanias of all-time. Emanating from the WWE’s corporate home in Connecticut, it’s Wrestlemania 11! Dazzle as the WWE follows up one of the greatest Wrestlemanias of all-time (WM 10 in 1994) with a football player in the main event! Shawn Michaels making Diesel look bad! A boring Bret Hart match! One of the worst opening matches in Wrestlemania history! Celebrities that don’t deserve to be scraped out of a barrel, much less be at the bottom of it in the first place! Yes, we talk all about this wondrous event in 1995. Join us, won’t you?!

Also, don’t forget to get your picks sent in for Viewers Choice month in April please! The due date to send in your picks for Viewer’s Choice month will be on MARCH 18TH. We will be doing four episodes in April based on all your choices.

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