What Were They Thinking? – American Ninja

In this super-sized episode (they went off on a couple of tangents), Brendan and Nathan discuss the Cannon opus known as “American Ninja!” From discussions about how another charismatic vacuum leads this movie (complete with James Dean impression), Charlie the super-dweeb, committing attempted murder getting you into the army, the ordered ranks of ninjas and possible HMO benefits, MAGICIAN NINJAS and the ridiculous balls-out climactic action sequence PLUS MORE, this film will leave you cross-eyed. Join us, won’t you?

Be sure to join us on March 7th to begin our wrestling-themed month. We will be tackling a bad Wrestlemania on that day followed by a terrible wrestling-themed movie on March 21st.

Also, don’t forget to get your picks sent in for Viewers Choice month in April please! The due date will be announced on the next episode but it will be fairly soon. We will be doing four episodes in April based on all your choices.

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