WB Games and Disney team up for Cars 3 game

While this isn’t the first time the two (normally film focused) companies have teamed up, it is still strange to write that Warner Bros Games and Disney will be teaming up to release a new Racer based on the Pixar Cars series.

The latest game, Cars 3: Driven to Win, will be developed by the WB Games owned Avalanche Software (a former Disney Interactive Studio) and will be an arcade racer in the veins of Mario Kart, with players being able to pick up helpful weapons and items help slow down the competition. The game will feature 20 racers and 20 different racing tracks all based around the Cars universe.

“It’s been an amazing experience to work with the team at Pixar once again for this new game for the beloved Cars franchise,” said John Blackburn, Vice President and General Manager, Avalanche Software. “With Cars 3: Driven to Win, we wanted to create a game that allows fans to extend their experience with this great film, and also feel the thrill of speeding through the tracks, participating in races, and mastering tricks and techniques for fun with the whole family.”

Not to be confused with Avalanche Studios, the team behind Just Cause and Mad Max, Avalanche Software had previously worked on the Disney Infinity series along with several Disney based properties before being closed by Disney in May of last year. The studio was picked up again by WB Games on January 24th 2017.