Warhammer 40K Eternal Crusade goes free-to-play

Behaviour Digital (best known for their award winning Dead by Daylight) have announced that their MMO Shooter based on the Warhammer 40K Series, Warhammer 40K: Eternal Crusade, will be going free-to-play later today.

“In addition to the regular free updates and expansions – we believe we can achieve both the goal of reaching a broader audience, and provide options for how you want to play Eternal Crusade.” Stated Stephen Mulrooney, SVP Publishing at Behaviour Digital.

Behaviour’s move to Free-To-Play for Eternal Crusade is not something new, previously the company talked about a Free-To-WAAAGH! edition which would give players access to the Ork faction, with players opting to purchase the full game to be able to play as the other factions.

Players will now have three options for Eternal Crusade:

Free Version – 4 of the 5 available classes, normal character progression. Purchasing a total of 20,000 in game credits will also upgrade your account.  Your extra progression will be unleashed when you upgrade.

Squadron Edition – Full game with 20,000 Rogue Trader Credits. Also upgrades the Free version. Progression is 3 times faster.

Imperium Edition – Full game with 20,000 Rogue Trader Credits and 4 packs of weapons and armour (one pack for each faction). Progression is 3 times faster.

For those who have already been enjoying the shooter, Behaviour will be giving 20,000 bonus Rogue Trader Credits as well as a giftable Steam version of the full game.

“To be brutally honest, we wanted more people to shoot at and try out the game before investing their time and money, and this is part of that strategy. In our tests on pricing and positioning, people wanted more options, so we adapt and deliver.” Said Nathan Richardsson, Eternal Crusade’s Senior Producer.

The update will go live later today at 5PM EST.