Valve announces Source 2 Engine will be free to content developers.


Not to be outshined by Epic with their announcement that Unreal Engine 4 will be free to everyone, Valve took the stage at the Game Developers Conference early yesterday to announce the new Source 2 engine, a new and more powerful successor to the popular Source Engine.

“With Source 2, our focus is increasing creator productivity,” said Jay Stelly of Valve in a press release today. “Given how important user generated content is becoming, Source 2 is designed not just for the professional developer, but enabling gamers themselves to participate in the creation and development of their favourite games.” Valve continued to announce that the engine will be free to content developers.

Valve did not mention if there were any new title being created with the new engine, despite hoping for an announcement of a game that ends with a ‘3’. Still the original Source Engine has had quite the run, since it’s release with Counter-Strike: Source, being the engine of choice for Valve titles like Left 4 Dead and Portal, as well as several 3rd party games like Titanfall, Gary’s Mod, and Dear Esther. The Source 2 Engine is available now.