Ubisoft’s The Division Offers Compensation Credits


This weekend, The Division is giving all players a free gift of 150 free Phoenix Credits; which are in-game credits usually earned by completing difficult missions or killing named enemies.

The point behind this is to try and appease fans (ourselves included) who have been trying to play through the game whilst dealing with several frustrating bugs, glitches, cheating players, or a certain backpack that broke the game entirely with endless loading.  While things have been getting better as patches roll out, the latest DLC introduced new glitches that players have taken advantage of such as infinite loot, cheesing bosses, or artificially raising gun damage to insane amounts of dps.   Needless to say, the Dark Zone was nothing short of infuriating and unfair to deal with.

This is an ongoing fight that Ubisoft has stated they are dedicated to keep trying to fix. The attempts have been noticeable as their recent lineup of games in the past year have definitely taken priority since the debacle of Assassins Creed Unity.  Ubisoft has also promised to punish players that have been abusing these cheats, especially against other players.  How or when this will be done has yet to be determined however.