Ubisoft Halifax looking for employees for Mobile game development


Acording to new Job listings, Ubisoft Halifax, formerly Longtail Studios, is looking to fill several positions including Technical Artist, VFX Artis, UI Artist, Gameplay Programmer, Mobile Concept Artist and more. Posting for these positions have been popping up for the better part of a month up to a more recent 18 hours at the time of this writing.

Longtail was formed back in 2009, the studio joined Ubisoft’s network and was rebranded back in 2015. Previously the studio had helped Ubisoft on games like Rocksmith 2014 Edition and Sports Connection. The studio will be Ubisoft’s first North American branch to focus exclusively on Mobile games, with the team already working on unannounced projects at the moment.

For those who are interested, head over to Ubisoft’s Recruitment page, filter your search for Halifax