Ubisoft announces For Honor Season Pass, Open Beta dates

Were you in the Closed Beta for Ubisoft’s For Honor? Want another chance to hack away at the competition before the game’s launch on February 14th? Well you’re in luck as Ubisoft announced an Open Beta for everyone to try For Honor between February 9th to February 12th, 2017.

The Open Beta will give players a taste at things to come for the multiplayer hack’n’slash game, including Duel modes (a 1v1 best of 5), Brawl (a 2v2 best of 5) and Dominion (a MOBA inspired take on capture the point). However the Beta will also come with a new Elimination Mode, a best of 5 4v4 mode with no respawns.

For Honor while the open beta will include 9 heroes and 4 game modes, Ubisoft has stated that the launch will include an additional fighter in each faction and another multiplayer mode, as well as a Campaign that can be played co-cooperatively.

In terms of post content, Ubisoft will be following the route of their previous title, Rainbow Six Siege. This means that new maps, modes and gear, will be available for free to all players. There will be a Season Pass available and can be purchased separately or as part of the Gold Edition of the game. The Season Pass will include:

  • Six all-new Heroes available seven days before released to all players
  • Six elite outfits to customise the new Heroes
  • Day One War Pack
    • One exclusive sunbeam effect on emotes for all Heroes
    • Three exclusive emblem outlines
    • Three scavenger crates to unlock additional gear
    • 30-day Champion Status that gives XP boosts to friends, more XP from crafting and additional end-match loot

All season pass content, except for the additional Heroes and Elite Outfits, will be available launch. The additional Heroes will be released in packs of 2 at the beginning  Season of the Faction War – the persistent cross-platform meta-game that will evolve the war across the For Honor world.

You can check out Ubisoft’s Post-Launch and DLC plans in the video above.