TrackMania gets free VR levels


We’ve been expecting that VR would have some sick racing games (or racing games that will make you sick) but never did expect that Ubisoft would be providing the most insane one yet with the release some some Free VR levels for TrackMania Turbo.

TrackMania players will get to enjoy 40 exclusive VR tracks set in four different environments (International Stadium, Valley Down & Dirty, Rollercoaster Lagoon and Canyon Grand Drift), and experience the jumps, loops, wall-riding, and fast pace Arcade Action. If you haven’t played TrackMania yet, you can also download a 4 level VR Demo which are sure to leave you disoriented.

The VR Levels will be available on PLAYSTATION®VR, OCULUS RIFT AND HTC VIVE, the game will also have a PS4 Pro Upgrade.