Tokyo RPG Company announces their second game: Lost Sphear

Square Enix’s Tokyo RPG Company has officially announced their second project as Lost Sphear, a new RPG which appears to be in the same style as their previous title “I am Setsuna”.

Lost Sphear (read as “Lost Sphere”) is a classic RPG with a modern twist, focusing on a group of heroes who are attempting to repair their world which appears to be disappearing at an alarming rate. With the heroes using the power of Memory, they can rebuild the world by turning thoughts into matter.

While details on Lost Sphear are minimal at the moment, the game’s screenshots and trailers gives off the same gorgous look that I am Setsuna was highly praised for. The game will be out on the Nintendo Switch, PS4 and Steam for $49.99(USD) in early 2018.

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