The Human Revolution will be less bloody in Japan

If there is one game I’m super exited for this month, it would be Deus Ex: Human Revolution, but it’s been rare to find news on the game that hasn’t been about it’s social gameplay (apparently you can beat a boss by talking to him.) The game is a M rated title, except in japan, where it received classification of CERO Z, the equivalence of the ESRB Adult Only.

Square Enix doesn’t want that, so they are cutting down the gore. Including modifying a scene where Human organs are shown on a operating table, and a sexual object was removed from on of the games maps, minor changes that are hoping to get the Human Revolution into the hands of more people.

No word yet on if these changes are enough to get it the Japanese equivalence of M, but we can expect to have the Human Revolution in all it’s bloody glory.