The E3 PC Gaming Show 2016 Recap – it didn’t suck!


This year the PC game show took EA spot at the show between Microsoft and Ubisoft, and they actually delivered good solid content this year, compared to last years show. The show was again hosted by Sean “Day[9]” Plott, and he did a much better job this time around.

so first up was Relic Entertainment with Dawn of War 3, this newest installment in the franchise showed some new gameplay which looked super bad ass, in the new game will have you fighting on the planet planet Acheron, there sill also be death from above mechanic in the new game and SPACE LAZERS…cool there will be more to come on the game June 24 2016

Then we Klei Entertainment (Don’t Starve, Shank and Mark of the Ninja) showed off their new game called Oxygen Not Included which looks like a solid fun new game from them.

Next up was the people at Studio Wildcard and they showed off the new stuff that is coming to ARK: Survival Evolved, such as a new biome, primitive plus official mod, the ability to play as any animal in the game, a new button for throwing your poop, also the ability to mate and start a pack.

Afterwards other ocean showed there bizarre new VR game Called Giant Cop, its a God type game and you get to police the city in just the weirdest way.

Next up we got to see TaleWorlds Entertainment’s Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord, this included a nice amount of gameplay from the new game.

Focus Home Interactive publishing Deck13 Interactive( Lords of the Fallen and Venetica) next game The Surge, which looks like a pretty awesome beat-em-up,

Afterwards Cliffy B came on stage to show off his Post Epic Games project Lawbreakers, which looks like and amazing FPS with great looking colours, and just all around fun time, and Cliffy B said about the game “if Overwatch is Street Fighter, then we’re going to be Mortal Kombat” which is very awesome.

Then it was the commercial break(sponsor) for the PC game show AMD showed off their new video cards on stage and this included the RX480 and the new 470 and 460 which are mainly geared towards the mainstream and also Esports.

afterwards was the next evolution in the Serious Sam saga with Serious Sam VR: The Last Hope and shows us how awesome Serious Sam will be in VR.

Dontnod Entertainment( Remember Me and Life Is Strange) gave the first showing of Vampyr,

then we got to see Killing Floor: Incursion a VR take on the Killing Floor and it looks pretty messed up.

we also got to see the Not surprising announcement SUPERHOT VR edition.

Paradox and Obsidian showed off their next game Tyranny,

The Bloober Team showed off Observer a cyberpunk psychological horror game,

Sparkypants Studios showed off their first game DROPZONE a great looking RTS.

Bohemia Interactive came on stage and talked about the Apex update for ArmA 3.

Bulkhead Interactive showed off The Turing Test  which is a interesting space environmental puzzle with a great Mass Effect meets portal vibe to the game.

Finji showed off Overland a interesting survival simulator about driving across the country.

Then we got treated with a game that is a cross between No Mans Sky and a MMO called Dual Universe from Novaquark this is probably the game that i am the most excited about from the PC game show.

Halo Wars 2 developers Creative Assembly showed up and talked about the game and stated that it will have Keyboard and mouse support.

New World Interactive showed off their next project called Day of Infamy,

Torn Banner Studios(Chivalry: Medieval Warfare) showed Mirage: Arcane Warfare,

Eidos Montreal then showed off more awesome gameplay for Deus Ex: Mankind Divided which looks amazing,

Lastly we had Warren Spector come out on stage to give a talk about how PC gaming is going and much more,

So all in all The PC Game show was actually really good compared to last year and i’m excited to see how awesome Next years E3 PC GAMING show is going to be!