The Deadly Tower of Monsters from ACE Team out today

There is always something special about a game when you know the developer is ACE Team, the team behind the first person brawler ZenoClash and the Boulder smashing Rock of Ages. Their latest title, The Deadly Tower of Monsters, looks to be no different as it takes notes from one of our favourite guilty pleasures, the 1970’s late-night Science Fiction B-Movie.

Taking the look of these classic genre, players are placed in the shoes of our fearless hero Dick Starspeed, along with his crew consisting of the fiery Scarlet Nova and his trusty Robot. Together they must take on a variety of Monsters and Aliens that are thrown at them by an evil Emperor, while using a variety of weapons and skills, that the team can use to whack, burn, and disintegrate their way up the tower.

All off this while being accompanied by the in game director, Dan Smith, as he provides “insight” on his “Groundbreaking” movie.

The Deadly Tower of Monsters is available today on Steam and PS4. To celebrate the launch of the game, Atlus has announced that the game will be 33% off for the next two weeks, ending on February 2nd. You can check out the screenshots, along with some faux movie posters for the game in the gallery below!