Tecmo’s Deception comes to PSOne Classics next week


You know when a game opens with a screen saying “WARNING: This game contains satanic references and may be inappropriate for some individuals,” you’re bound to get the attention of people.

This warning belongs to the PSOne classic, Tecmo’s Deception, which appropriately enough is being released this Tuesday, Oct 27th 2015. The game throws you in the shoes of a man who finds himself in the service of Satan and must protect his “Castle of the Damned” by setting traps to kill or scare off would be intruders.

The Deception series has seen several sequels and spin-offs including the PS2 classic Trapt, and the recently release of Deception IV: The Nightmare Princess on PS4 and Vita. Tecmo’s Deception will be available on PS3, PSP and PSVita.