Technomancer gameplay trailer shows the dangers of Mars

If you’re a Sci-Fi nerd like me, then chances are you’re keeping a close eye on Focus Home Interactive’s new Sci-Fi Action RPG, The Technomancer. Yesterday, Focus dropped a 6 minute gameplay trailer detailing some of the fine features of the game, from combat to companions, from special abilities to different paths you can take to complete a mission.

The Technomancer is set on a futuristic Mars where corporations have terraformed the Red Planet and are fighting for Water, the most precious resource on the planet. You will take the role of Zachariah, an apprentice Technomancer; who has the ability of harnessing destructive electrical powers that are channeled through his implants.

Players will be able to channel their skills into 4 skill trees, each offering a different fight style and abilities to help survive on Mars. The game is stated to be 40+ hours long, and will allow you to play a mission in up to 5 different ways, adding some replay value to the RPG.

The Technomancer is set to shock us on June 21st on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.