Team behind Disaster Report creating a Kaiju survival game.

Granzella, the team behind the Action survival series Disaster Report, is working on a new game with a similar premise to their previous series, however instead of dealing with Natural Disasters like Earthquakes and Floods, you’ll instead find yourself attempting to survive in a city which is current being the host of a Kaiju Battle!

The game, called “City Shrouded in Shadows” will put players as one of two Japanese office workers as they dodge explosions, falling debris, and the giant monsters that are tearing the city apart. First gameplay footage (above) shows off the game on PS4 and PSVita, gives a clear look at Ultraman as one of the creatures in the city, while another screenshot in this weeks Famitsu shows a shadow of what appears to be Godzilla.

There is a major chance of this shadow creature being Godzilla as the game is being published by Bandai Namco, who published last years Godzilla game on PS4. City Shrouded in Shadows isn’t the only game that Granzella is working on at the moment, as they are also developing the 4 title in the Disaster Report series, Disaster Report 4 Plus: Summer Memories, which is a rebirth of the original Disaster Report 4 which was cancelled after Japan’s Tohoku earthquake and tsunami.