Take on Sauron in Shadow of Mordor’s Final DLC


If you’re a Tolkien fan or not, you have to admit that the Dark Lord Sauron is not someone you want to mess with, but some people just like a challenge. That’s where the final bit of DLC for last year’s Shadow of Mordor titled “The Blight Lord” comes in.

The Blight Lord DLC expands the story of Celebrimbor, the wraith that possesses Talion and the maker of the ring of power in his final hours where he betrayed Sauron and builds an orc army to take on the Dark Lord. As you may expect, this DLC will not have a happy ending.

“The big revelations we focused on in Shadow of Mordor were Celebrimbor’s backstory and his involvement in forging of the Rings of Power, connected to the fact he’d been dragged back to Mordor to forge the One Ring and that Sauron used Celebrimbor’s Elven craft to give the Ring its power,” design director Michael de Plater said in an interview with GameSpot “And it’s like Tolkien wrote: ‘The Ring did something it’s master did not intend.’ We looked at that idea and how the One Ring had these two parents, this conflict going on within it, within the flashbacks in Shadow of Mordor as you recovered Celebrimbor’s memory. We’re excited to go back and play with that and explore Celebrimbor and Sauron’s relationship more.”

“[The Bright Lord] has enabled us to go into Mordor at a time when Sauron’s power was at its height. In Shadow of Mordor he’s just returned. It’s all pretty much in chaos, Orcs are running around rioting, it’s very untamed. We were able to go back and forge the Orcs into this more disciplined and elite war machine.”

Monolith stated that they have rebalanced the famed Nemesis system to produce a much more difficult endgame and campaign, with more heavily armoured Orcs and more balanced distributed strengths and weaknesses system. The DLC will also have some new combat animations to be more in line with an Elven Warrior.

At this time, there is no release date and singular price for the DLC, however it will be free to Season Pass owners.