Street Fighter 5 announces the return of Charlie Nash, opens Beta for Pre-orders


Capcom has given out some more details about the PC/Playstation 4 exclusive Street Fighter 5, bringing back an old favourite from Street Fighter Alpha and delivering news about an online beta for both PC and PS4.

The Beta will be open to anyone who pre-orders Street Fighter 5, which Capcom has billed the beta as “the largest and most ambitious online beta program in franchise history,” allowing the developer to collect feedback from fans on character balance and new features that will be prominent in the fighter. Sadly no time frame was given for the beta, however we will keep you posted.

Finally, Charlie Nash makes his first debut since the Street Fighter Alpha series. Generally known as Nash in Japan and Charlie in the West, he first entered the Street Fighter lore in Super Street Fighter 2 as part of Guiles storyline, listing him dead at the hands of M Bison.

His introduction to Street Fighter 5 seems to put the game some time after Street Fighter 2 due to a Frankenstein Monster vibe coming from his costume. You can catch Charlie relentless assault on Chun-Li and Ryu below.