Steven Spielberg’s Live Action Halo series still in development

Back when Microsoft was announcing the Xbox One, one of the major features was TV. It’s a thing that we still poke fun of despite Microsoft doing better in the presentation area since (something that we blame Phil Spencer for). However during that conference there was one TV-based reveal that caught our eyes and that was the announcement that Steven Spielberg would be working on a live-action Halo TV series via his production company, Amblin Entertainment.

Original Plans where that the series would launch on Showtime with Spielberg to direct the series in addition to producing, and that the show would launch alongside the 2015 release of Halo 5: Guardians. Of course that didn’t happen. In 2014 under Phil Spencer’s new leadership, Microsoft shuttered their Entertainment Studio division, cancelling plans to develop original video programming for their Xbox Systems.

It has been assumed that the Spielberg project was also cancelled at this time, however 343 Industries and Microsoft Studios provided an update to AR12Gaming stating that they are still working on the project alongside Showtime and Amblin Entertainment but didn’t have any new information to share at this time.

“Progress on the Halo Television Series continues. We want to ensure we’re doing this the right way together with a team of creative partners (Steven Spielberg and Showtime) that can help us build the best Halo series that fans expect and deserve. We have no further details to share at this time.”

Speilberg is currently working on two feature films at the moment, The Papers and Ready Player One, the later of which an adaptation of Ernest Cline’s sci-fi video game novel of the same name.

In terms of live action media, the Halo series hasn’t had much luck. In the mid-2000’s a then unknown Neill Blomkamp (District 9, Chappie) planned a Halo movie with Peter Jackson to produce, however the project never lifted off. The second attempt was Halo: Nightfall which launched with the Master Chief Collection in 2014 and was written by Prison Break creator Paul Scheuring and produced by Ridley Scott’s company, Scott Free Productions.

In the world of Animation and Web-series though have seen some success, with Halo: Legends, a compilation of Halo based Anime shorts from famed production studios was extremely popular, and Fall of Reach brought one of the best Halo Novels to life. Otherwise, Halo: Forward to Dawn gave us a glimpse of military life in the Halo universe and set us up for Halo 4, and the ever popular comedic Machinima by Rooster Teeth Productions, Red vs Blue, is on it’s 15 season, becoming the longest running web-based show.

Source: Screenrant