Step Quietly into Madness in 2Dark

Before Resident Evil created “Survival Horror”, there was Alone in the Dark, a game created by Frédérick Raynal which had been widely praised when it was released back in 1992 which paved way to video game horror since. Despite it’s success, Frédérick had not returned to the Horror genre since Alone in the Dark. That is, until now with a new stealth horror game: 2Dark.

In 2Dark, Players take the role of the former Detective, Mr. Smith. Set in the once picturesque city of Gloomywood, Smith’s world turns upside down when his wife is murdered and his children abducted. With multiple kidnappings in the city, Smith is out for justice as he attempts to rescue the kids from crazed Psychopaths.

The game looks to deliver a truly nerve-wracking experience as Smith will have several obstacles in the way of succeeding, including the Murdering Psychopaths out for blood, children fidgeting and crying when scared, noise and lights.

2Dark will be coming to PS4, Xbox One and PC on March 10th. You can check out the creepy story trailer above and screenshots of the game in action below.