Star Wars Battlefront Update rolls out in time for Star Wars Day


EA and DICE has been rolling out new updates for Star Wars Battlefront to keep the Multiplayer game fresh after it’s release for everyone who purchased the game. While most patches has added more features to the game like a new map, weapon or Hero character, the latest patch released yesterday is all about some tweaking and stability to the game’s system providing some much needed corrections to the game.

While you can read the full list of patch notes here, some of the highlights include the ability to see see if enemies have a charge card active thanks to a new icon above their health bar, a 1.5 cooldown on the combat roll maneuver introduced in March’s update, and updates to the personal shield which will now allow you to use the jetpack and swap weapons which in turn corrected some other unintended issues with the shield as well.

“We are also listening to feedback regarding the charged cards as a whole, and have for the coming Bespin update [will] implement a mean to actively turn the card off,” a developer wrote in commentary to the patch notes. “This means you can manually disable your Charge card to push it into cooldown sooner, if no one is around you or you need to fire regular blaster bolts rather than Ion.”

The next paid expansion to Star Wars Battlefront, Bespin, is set to release later this summer and will include Lando Calrissian to the game as a playable hero, we’ll have more on the update as it becomes available.