Star Wars Battlefront PC Trial free for 4 hours today


It’s international Star Wars Day and with it comes a ton of deals for our favourite franchise, EA announced earlier this week that the Multiplayer Shooter, Star Wars Battlefront, will be available on a limited timed trial in honour of the day. The Time Trail will give new players a 4 hour time with the base version of the game, while returning players will also receive 4,444 credits to buy gear, Star Cards and other materials.

If you’re an Old Republic player, EA also has a deal for you as they’ll have a trial period for the Knights of the Fallen Empire expansion which will run until May 30th, this will allow you to see the expansion in action and start you off with a level 60 character. There will also be log-in awards and double EXP within the coming weeks.

Finally, the mobile based card game, Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes, will see drop rates double and a discount on crystal packs.

Expect to hear more Star Wars related news throughout the day as this day usually serves several announcements and deals all based around the popular franchise.