Star Wars Battlefront gets destroyed by Breaking Benjamin frontman


We’ll be honest, talking about celebrity endorsements for video games isn’t usually our speciality. I don’t consider it to be news or interesting in the least to see actors and actresses promoting a game over social media that they have no stake in.

We’ll make an exception for this one.


The frontman for Breaking Benjamin,¬†Benjamin Burnley, posted an image of a destroyed Star Wars Battlefront disk for Xbox One, stating that EA was attempting to pay him to promote the game. Burnley had some choice words about the DICE Multiplayer only shooter going as far to say that he’d rather watch the prequel movies.

“They wanted to pay me to post that I like this piece of s**t game.. they can shove it up, their ass this game sucks.” Burnley stated on the post, ending with a “That’s for ruining Star Wars EA.”

This hasn’t been the first we’ve heard about celebrity endorsements for Star Wars Battlefront, as Pitch Perfect and Twilight star Anna Kendrick, who starred in an interesting commercial for the game and has been actively promoting the game on Twitter.

While the game has seen some favourable reviews from multiple platforms, it seems that a lot of people are underwhelmed with the game, with many citing that there isn’t enough content to keep them coming back.

Are you playing Star Wars Battlefront? What are your thoughts on the multiplayer only shooter?