Star Citizen Splits In Two


Star Citizen, a highly anticipated crowd-funded game which accumulated well over $100,000,000 to date; has been split into two ‘modules’ according to its developer, Roberts Space Industries.

The split in question merely separates the singe-player ‘Squadron 42’ campaign from the core persistent MMO-like portion of the game.  This gives customers the option to buy whichever segment of the game they prefer to have for $45, with the ability to add the other module for $15, interchangeably. It is specified that prices are subject to change, however.   Backers of the game prior to Feb, 14 needn’t worry as they will still receive the full copy of the game if they paid for it.

While the likes of H1Z1 have left a rather foul taste and distrust of games splitting from consumers recently; it appears that RSI has taken the steps to ensure things will work as intended. The two parts of the games still interact with one another just as planned, so it appears to be win-win for all parties.