Square Enix officially announces Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

Over the past couple of days, Square Enix had been hinting at something big, even going as far to use their Twitch channel as part of an ARG (Augmented Reality Game) advertised with a hashtag #CantKillProgress. Despite a leak half way through the ARG, Square Enix finally announced that the teased game was in fact a Deus Ex Sequel.

A teaser trailer, which is jam-packed full of action and story elements for the game, was released earlier today. The game is said to take place 2 years after the events of Human Revolution, and will bring protagonist Adam Jensen back to the story with all new augmentations and technology. The story will follow closely to the  ‘Aug Incident’ in Panchaea that resulted in the death of millions at the hands of those who had installed augmentations.

Square Enix’s Press release went into a bit more detail.

This event has created a huge divide between those who have augmentations, and those who do not. Amongst this emotional turmoil are various factions looking to manipulate the public by twisting public opinion of augmentation to further their own agenda and hide the truth of what really happened.

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided also continues the story of Adam Jensen, a former biotech company security chief turned super-augmented, anti-terrorist agent playing by his own rules. Jensen has been empowered with all new augmentations, enabling him and the player a greater sense of self-control as they explore all new locations in-game. As social and political tensions reach a major turning point, Jensen and conspiracies surrounding the Illuminati continue toward an inevitable crossroads … and possibly, an epic showdown.

“For 15 years, Deus Ex has been a point of conversation across the games industry and beyond, whether the topic is the franchise’s unique gameplay or topical narrative focused on advanced biotechnology and human augmentation,” said David Anfossi, Eidos-Montreal’s head in a statement.

“What began with Deus Ex: Human Revolution goes to a whole new level in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, diving even deeper into this discussion and, in turn, offering fans an all-encompassing experience, one which will challenge their skills as players and emphasize decision-making based on real world topics.”