Sony Patents Contact Lens Camera


Sony as filed a patent with the USPTO for a new type of camera that fits within a contact lens, which is powered wireless via built-in antenna. According to the schematics, this camera is also packaged with the lens, main CPU, imaging sensor, storage area, and a wireless communication module. The camera unit also includes support for auto-focus, zooming, and image stabilization.

Sony’s contact lens patent (US 2016/0097940 A1), filed April 7, 2016



While the exact interaction method of operation isn’t spelled out, it wouldn’t be unreasonable to assume this tech could wirelessly  communicate with a nearby cell phone or tablet; provided it’s compatible.   Obviously the resolution won’t be as powerful as some of today’s cameras given the diminutive scale it needs to be in order to fit on a contact lens; it’ll be interesting to see the applications we could see this in.