Some Details on Fallout 4’s ‘Survival’ Mode


Bethesda has released a few tidbits on the ‘Survival’ mode difficulty in Fallout 4 for its developer beta testing phase.  The idea is for players who are already breezing through the currently available hardest difficulty setting to have more of a challenge; having to mind not only damage, but supplies, navigation, and even some functions.

One of the first things to go in this mode is fast traveling. You’ll have to walk everywhere you want to go. Over this, you’ll also need to manage your food and water to avoid fatigue; which decreases the available action points to use for vats or sprinting. You cannot eat just anything you find however, as some items have negative stats as well if not properly cooked. As if that wasn’t enough, you can also get sick from radiation, bad food, or even taking chems. It will require antibiotics to cure the status effects.

To make matters worse, your total carry capacity is significantly reduced and  some items like Stimpaks and ammunition have weight. Carrying too much will not only make you slower, but it will also contribute to getting fatigued.  Saving has been disabled as well, for the most part.  You can only save when you are resting, which will also remove fatigue and heal broken limbs.

Combat will be significantly more reliant on tactics. Enemies will deal much more damage, and can do more lethal damage up close. Relying on your hearing will help because the compass will no longer show enemies either unless you’ve tagged them with a recon scope.

Survival mode introduces a new perk called ‘Adrenaline’. This perk increases the amount of damage you do based on how many enemies killed; however it resets each time you rest/save.  Companions can no longer serve as a portable storage locker either, as their carrying weight is also reduced. Furthermore, if they are downed in combat, you must manually revive them with meds.

Some of these are still subject to change depending on how the beta testing goes, though it’s certainly looking to live up to the name; even changing the entire feel of the game by the sounds of it. Do you think you have what it takes to beat the game with all these handicaps?