Sombra finally introduced at Blizzcon

Overwatch’s Sombra has been a long time coming, with hints, easter eggs and even an Augmented Reality game for those looking to pick apart the pieces to find out more about this illusive character, until yesterday when the Super Hacker was finally and officially introduced.

With the new animated short called “Infiltration”, we see Sombra seems to be paired off with the baddies of the Overwatch characters, Reaper and Widowmaker, however later in the short along with the Animated Origins video that Sombra is mainly working for herself. She’s a heavily guarded character who seems content on working from behind the scenes.

That being said, she’s not afraid to get her hands dirty. When Sombra will be released as a playable character on Overwatch, she’ll come equipped with some interesting weapons and powers. The first being her rapid-fire sub-machine Pistol. She also has the ability to “hack” opponents, making them vulnerable by stalling them and making restorative items useless, paired with a “Thermoptic Camo” to make her invisible until attacks or use another power. Finally we have a handheld “Translocator” which allows her to throw it to a location and teleport her. Finally we have her ultimate move, EMP, which will put multiple opponents in a prolonged hacked state.

Sombra will be playable next week for Public Test Realm on PC, she is expected to be fully released on PC and Consoles shortly after.