The SNES Classic production “dramatically increased”

In an interview with the Financial Times, Nintendo of America head Reggie Fils-Aime has stated that the supply of the throwback SNES Classic console will have enough supply that gamers shouldn’t pay more than its $79.99 (USD) asking price, rather than paying a small fortune on an auction site.

When the topic came up about the scarcity of the NES Classic console which came out last year, Reggie told Financial Times that they made manufacturing based on how poorly other retro-style consoles had sold for other companies. With the new information of how well the retro consoles sold, Nintendo has stated that they have “dramatically increased” production of the SNES Classic.

Pre-orders began on August 22nd and were gone in a matter of minutes. This was followed issues with pre-ordering at Wal-Mart in July, which stores cancelled due to a “Technical Glitch” that started taking them early, as well as a bot that could place online orders faster than humans which was also blamed for the quick wipeout of orders.

You can read the full interview with Reggie here. Are you going to attempt to pick up the SNES Classic? Let us know in the comments!