Smashing – Brawlhalla Review

The platform fighter goes one of two ways. It is either a memorable experience that you end up coming back and playing over and over like Smash Bros or even Playstation All-Stars, or it is complete garbage and belongs in a dumpster fire like Kung-Fu Panda: Legend of the Legendary Warriors.

Luckily, Blue Mammoth’s Brawlhalla is one that is memorable. A Free-to-Play platform brawler that is fast pace, easy to pick up and is just plain fun!

Set in the Norse mythological location of Valhalla, an eternal tournament takes place in which heroes from various realms and timelines have come to battle. Each Legend has their own reason for being in the tournament and contains a back story detailing their life and their journey to Valhalla. However this is where the game’s story ends.

Given that this is a Free-to-Play Online game, there isn’t much to really expect from it, however each legend is explained in great detail on the feats that brought them to Valhalla, which are all great reads if you’re looking for a little more story for the game.

That being said, it’s the 4 player brawls that are the real stand-out for the game. The game features a free-for-all, 2v2 and one-on-one brawls with the goal of knocking your opponents off of the stage. Knocking an opponent off the stage will get you 2 points, while falling off the stage either by elimination or suicide will bring you down 1.

Combat starts empty-handed, with all characters having a similar moveset, however a glowing sword will allow them to use one of two equipped weapons which changes the game. This is where combat shines as players attempt to keep each other away from the various weapons which can cause massive damage and screen-flying hits.

One of the biggest difference in Brawlhalla in comparison to some of the other platform fighters is the platforming itself. Players are given an extra double jump, a rising attack and wall slide ability that helps them keep in the game longer, given how much the game will launch you, this is a welcome feature to keep the game moving.

While for review purposes, we had access to the full cast, those who are looking to pick up the free-to-play version will only have access to 6 heroes. These heroes are changed every week to keep things fresh and can be purchased with gold earned in matches. Characters feature different stats making them play a little differently, but it never feels like one is actually better than the other thanks to a well balance weapon system. Purchasable Mammoth coins also give you the ability to purchase new skins and cosmetics, but thankfully does not change anything for characters stats, avoiding a pay to win scenario.

Brawlhalla is definitely a brawler that anyone can pick up and play, yet still offer a deep enough experience that will keep even seasoned fighters playing. With plenty of online game modes and offline brawls to be had, plus the connectivity to play between PC and PS4, Brawlhalla is a Free-To-Play title that is well worth the investment to jump into the full title!

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