Silent Hills PT game being pulled from the PSN


If you were a Silent Hill fan excited for the upcoming Kojima/Del Toro collaboration project; Silent Hills, and weren’t worried about the game’s future after Kojima’s departure from Konami, now would be a good time to get your hopes up.

On Wednesday April 29th, the distribution period of P.T. (Playable Teaser) will end and the demo/teaser/game will be pulled from the PSN with no renewal. First announced at Gamescom last year, the game went up under the Playstation Network’s Demo section and players found that the game was a teaser for an upcoming Silent Hill project from Kojima Productions. It was also announced that¬†Guillermo del Toro (Hellboy, Pacific Rim) would also have a hand in the game and that Boondock Saints actor Norman Reedus was set to star in it.

While no other information came out for the game aside from Kojima basing the goal of the game was to make players “S**t their pants.” The removal of the game, along with Kojima leaving Konami, has left fans wondering the state of the upcoming horror game. As of right now, the game is still classified as in production.