**UPDATE** Silent Hills now rumoured as a Xbox One exclusive


Lets start this post with a quick reminder that rumours are tricky. They are neither confirmed or denied by anybody involved, but still are able to leave fans in an uproar and while most rumours can be taken as a high possibility of being true, others are just batsh*t insane. It is always good to remember that rumours will remain such until it has been 100% confirmed.

So let’s get started on the latest rumour, this time following our favourite conversation, Silent Hills and Konami.

According to an anonymous source who reached out to Rooster Teeth, it seems that Microsoft is in talks to purchase and release the cancelled Horror game for Xbox One. According to the source; Silent Hills is 80% complete, and Microsoft is trying to purchase the property for “billions” of dollars by E3 this year – where it will officially reveal the game as an Xbox One exclusive. If this is true then the game would have a set release of March 2016. Finally, this would also be the reason why P.T. was removed from the Playstation Network “as a show of good faith” to Microsoft.

There are a few things that does not make sense with the rumour. The first being back in December 2014, Boondock Saints actor Norman Reedus, who was to play the game’s protagonist, stated in an interview with IGN that the “heavy” Motion Capture for the game had yet to be filmed. On top of this, the source stated that Konami is trying to get out of the console game business as soon as possible, so it’s selling off properties that can’t easily be converted to mobile experiences. This info clashes with the statement given by Konami to IGN which states.

“Konami will continue to embrace the challenge of creating entertainment content via different platforms; across not only mobile platforms, but for home consoles, arcade units, and cards, to meet the changing needs of the times.”

When asked for clarification, Microsoft stated the usual “Microsoft does not comment on rumor or speculation.” Konami has yet to respond to the rumours.


A day after the rumour of the game’s potential exclusivity, Xbox head Phil Spencer took to Twitter to put the rumours to rest.


So good news and bad news in a way. Good news is that the game will not be an exclusive to any console, bad news is that it is still dead.