Sign Up for Rainbow Six: Siege Closed Alpha

Ubisoft is holding a close Alpha for their upcoming Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Siege which started on Thursday. Being a closed Alpha, you’ll need to sign up for the process, which you can do here¬†

“The game has a set of tools which gives players the means to be creative,” said Xavier Marquis, Rainbow Six: Seige creative director. “Now we need that player creativity to test our sandbox and to validate the experience we’ve been building. It’s time to see how people react and the only way to do that is with our alpha…

“We’re going to be reading feedback. We’re going to look at how players create tactics. We’re going to analyze the choke points of our maps. We’re going to learn a lot from this exercise, and we need players to join this discussion.”

The Alpha will only be for PC however the team has announced the game for Xbox One and PS4 as well. R6:Seige was shown as the show-stopper at Ubisoft’s E3 Conference however very little has been released or announced for the upcoming tactical shooter.