See madness unfold with a new Call of Cthulhu Trailer.

Lovecraft’s work never seems to be adapted well, aside from the tabletop series which Cyanide Studio has chosen to adapt, the series has hit a brick wall when it comes to movies, and previous attempts to adapt the series has been mediocre at best.

So trust me when I say we were skeptical when it came down to the new adaptation from Cyanide Studio of the popular series. With the latest trailer though, it looks like Cyanide Studio knows exactly what makes the Lovecraft series so great.

The trailer quickly shows what makes the Cthulhu series great, paranoia, madness, mystery, eldritch abominations causing trouble and cults who follow them. Showing us that we’re going to be part of a very different horror game later this year on Xbox One, PS4 and PC.